Trentino and Veneto 2018

With the “yellow GS” and the Aprilia RSV 1000

Let’s go in Munich. Our destination: Agritourismo della Pieve in Bardolino.
We drive in the direction of Garmisch, then Soelden and over the Timmelsjoch. The weather is good, but it’s pretty chilly outside.
The horses are saddled, luggage is stretched out, the sun is shining. We take a bit of a risk with the equipment, it’s supposed to be nice on Lake Garda and a little over 20 degrees, so we leave rain gear behind.
So many times we’ve been surprised by the rain on previous trips, but we’re pushing luck again, the weather apps are all pointing to the sun and that’s how it starts.
On the way to the Alps, we realize that rain can’t be the only problem…. It’s cold! The weather is beautiful, but spring and autumn are not summer.
The roads are not very busy and the breathtaking scenery, which we have driven so often, is still overwhelming.

The Fernpassstraße leads via Grainau in the direction of Imst and our first short stop is the Zugspitzblick at Blindsee.

Shortly afterwards we continue towards Passo del Rombo, in German Timmelsjoch. Slowly and the higher we get, it gets colder and colder with beautiful weather.
My jacket is warm enough but only with jeans on it was probably a bit daring.

We stop for a moment at the pay station and enjoy the breathtaking view like many others. Warmed up briefly in the sun, we continue downhill again, now it’s really icy and my teeth are already chattering.
On the way down, I’m already thinking of a warm drink and something to eat, and then it’s finally here: Almost in the valley, we stop at Garber’s snack station. It’s noticeably warmer now, but I’m still shaking from the cold… Now sit in the sun and thaw out…

Well strengthened we continue via Merano, Bolzano and Trento towards Lago di Garda, more precisely to Bardolino to the farm “Agriturismo Della Pieve” where we have our accommodation for the next few days.
From here we will start our journeys and finish in the evening. A new goal every day. The paths here are fantastic, the area full of surprises.
Now rest from the first day, then a bottle of Bardolino or Valpolicella and tomorrow we continue.

Mount Baldo
The Monte Baldo is located between Lake Garda and Adige,
About 30 kilometers long ridge, which is part of the mountain range of the Lake Garda mountains.
Monte Baldo is bordered on the north by the Loppio Valley, on the east by the Adige Valley, on the west by Lake Garda and on the south by the moraine hills near Rivoli Veronese and the plain near Caprino Veronese. (Wikipedia)

We start in the morning after the espresso.
The road climbs steeply up to San Michele. From here we take the cable car up to Tratto Spino at 1760 meters altitude.
Once at the top, we are in and a little above the clouds. It’s freezing cold and the icy wind whistles around our ears.
The landscape is picturesque and we explore the mountain. After about an hour we make our way down again. In San Michele we strengthen ourselves before we continue on the mountain roads. From Castello we go up the serpentines via the Via Prada to Prada and then on to Caprino Veronese to Affi, where we buy our dinner: Tonight we will have a barbecue. 🙂


What can you tell about Verona… This city, over two thousand years old, with all its sights such as the Ponte Pietra, the amphitheater, the Piazza della Erbe, Juliet’s house and so much more.
Look at the pictures…


Chioggia is a seaport in the Veneto region of Italy. It belongs to the metropolitan city of Venice.
The small town is like Venice in miniature, but much quieter.
As in Venice, there are the famous canals here. The city is built on wooden stilts and connected to the mainland by a bridge. The Vena Canal divides the city and is crossed by nine bridges.

The inhabitants of Chioggia have something very special in common. your surnames. If you ask someone their name here, the chances of hearing the names Boscolo, Tiozzo, Penzo or Doria are very high. Many of the Boscolos are named Guiseppe, which adds to the confusion.

Countless Boscolos or Tiozzos often live in a single street, often with the same names.
Therefore, the residents are also allowed to officially register their nicknames and are often only identified with these names 🙂

On the way back to Bardolino we stopped briefly in Montagnana to marvel at the completely preserved city wall.

So, after the city tours, here are some impressions from our tours through Trentino and Veneto.

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