The Scorpions ascent

Impressions from today’s ride of the “Rise of the Scorpions”.

The Scorpions’ Pass (Hebrew: מעלה עקרבים, Ma’ale Akrabbim, lit. “Scorpions’ Ascent”) is a steep, winding section of Route 227 that starts from the Tzafir stone structure (an archaeological site) to the south .

The Roman Empire built the rise in the late 1st century AD from the Wadi Zin to the highlands of the northern Negev desert during their control of the Middle East.

During the Nabataean period, the route became part of the Spice Route.
Under British control, the climb north was slightly reestablished.

The pass is known for its extreme danger due to its poor condition. On the side of the pass there is a steep drop in places and the road has no fortification.
In addition, the road has extreme descents of hundreds of meters.
The Israeli Army Corps of Engineers paved the pass in 1950.

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