Eilat November 2021

Tour with Jörg and Michael

Heading towards the Dead Sea, Breakfast at Ein Gedi

We hit the road at 7:00

After more than two years, Jörg was finally here to visit again, Corona has messed everything up quite a bit. Also there is Michael, who lives here in Tel Aviv and runs the ZDF studio in Israel (2nd German TV channel).

We drive up from Tel Aviv, towards Jerusalem, green mountains on both sides of the expressway, which is heavily used in the morning rush hour. But soon the traffic will calm down once we got through Jerusalem and then drive down on the other side towards the Dead Sea.

Leaving Jerusalem, the scenery changes abruptly. No more green mountains, everything is desert now, the first Bedouin settlements appear on the sides, camels stand on the sides with their keepers, still waiting in vain for tourists who are now – for the first time in 2 years – able to enter the country.

The ride on the 90 directly at the Dead Sea is breathtaking as always, the water is flat as a mirror and shows all colors from deep blue to bright turquoise.

Our first stop is Ein Gedi Camping Lodge, where we will have a coffee and some breakfast.

Scorpion Ascent

Freshly strengthened we continue on the 90 along the Dead Sea, then at the southern tip towards Dimona to the 227 and the Scorpion’s Ascent.
This old road is officially closed to public traffic, but because of that and because of the unique nature here in the northern Negev it is an absolute highlight!
We stop and enjoy the view.
If you want to know more about the Scorpion’s Ascent, you’ll find it here

Another very good article about the Scorpion ascent from Haaretz online


Arrived in Eilat we make ourselves comfortable in our apartment, then we go to the supermarket, a few beers have to go in the fridge and a few snacks for later.

Michael brought 3 bottles of wine from the Bin Nun Vineyard, one white, one red, and one rose. As it will turn out, an excellent drop.

Now we’re hungry! We go to a Brazilian steak house and enjoy it. Later on to the terrace, where we end the evening with one of the Bin Nun wines.

The next morning we go to the beach to chill. Dolphin Beach is always a good spot. A very relaxed day.
In the evening we go to the Fish Market, a fish restaurant in Eilat. My Seabass wasn’t that great, but the heavy drumfish that Jörg and Michael shared was very good.
In addition a French Chablis, the evening was already a success.

Then later on the terrace, the Bin Nun bottles didn’t survive the evening 😂
And so with the excellent wine and good music we sit there until late at night and enjoy our conversations about the world, sometimes deeply philosophical, sometimes borderline superficial, just great!
What an evening!


The day of the return has come. Another coffee in the morning, then to the local bakery for breakfast.
Reinvigorated, it’s now on the 12 along the Egyptian border to the Shikma Junction, then away from the border across the Negev to Mitzpe Ramon.
The viewpoint at Mitzpe Ramon gives us one last glimpse of the Negev Desert, into the Makhtesch Ramon, or Ramon Crater, the largest erosion crater in the Negev. Nubian Ibex ibexes say farewell.
Then it goes towards Ze’elim, then Ashkelon, Ashdod and back to Tel Aviv.

Guys, it was unforgettable!

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