Northern Trail

Along the Lebanon border, over the Tapline road to the Golan heights

A 2 day trip with Camping
Upcoming date: planning
Last tour: 17-18.6.2022

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We will meet at 7:00 at Yakum Gas station and ride towards Carmel mountains heading Coffee Chachu at Misgav for a coffee/ breakfast as a first break

From there we will ride over Road No. 70 to Goren Park for our next stop at the lookout on Fort Montfort. We’ll enjoy the scenery before we hit the road again towards the Lebanon Border

Alongside the Lebanon Border we ride on the 8993 and 8967 towards Margaliot Lookout for our last stop before Camping

Final destination is Grenn Camp Camping place on the Hazbani Stream at Beit Hillel

After a small breakfast we will start towards Tel Faher Golani Lookout at the entrance to the Tapline Road (Petroleum Road). We will ride along the first part of the Petroleum Road and then towards Mount Bental for the next stop.

From there we will ride on Road 98 first north and visit the Valley of Tears Memorial site, from there south through the beautiful scenery of the Golan heights towards our next stop at Tel Saki.

From there we will continue to Road No. 90 and our next stop at the famous Humus 90 for a break and meal.

Through the Gilboa on Road 667 we will have a last stop at Mount Barkan before we head back to the Center free ride.

Fix costs:
85 ₪ per person for the camping
15 ₪ for a mattress if you like.

You pay both individually at the site, I only make the reservation.

We’ll discuss food in WhatsApp Group

Day 1

Starting Point is Yakum
Carmel Mountains
Coffee Chachu
Goren Park Lookout – Fort Monfort
Lebanon Border Road
Margaliot Lookout
Green Camp Camping

Day 2

Tapline Road
Mount Bental
Valley of Tears Memorial site
Tel Saki
Humus 90